7 Warning Signs of Potential Workplace Violence

Angry Man Workplace Violence

An employee is a higher risk for workplace violence if they display the following, according to a study done by OSHA:

  • Sudden, persistent complaining about unfair treatment
  • Blaming others for problems
  • Change in behavior or decline in job performance
  • Stated hope for something bad to happen to supervisor or co-worker
  • Increase in absenteeism
  • Refusal to accept criticism about work performance
  • Inability to manage feelings; outbursts of swearing or slamming doors

Workplace Violence is a serious issue, and it isn’t going away. The bigger a company is, the higher the risk, rising around 200% when employee numbers reach 10, 50, and 200 employees.  Risks are usually recorded and researched from three main groups: 1. Co-Workers or Employees. 2. Customers/Clients/Patients/Students. 3. Domestic Violence (abuser commits violence on a worker at the workplace).

Do you have a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy in place?  Do your employees know it?  Do you have procedures in place to 1. mitigate the risk, 2. diffuse trouble, 3. legally and safely fire a risky individual, and 4. deal with a crisis?

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