Acceptable for Women but Not Men?

A college friend of mine posted to Facebook that he had met a “pretty cool couple” at a pub in a town he was visiting. As they conversed, he asked the gentleman how he got his black eye. He looked at his girlfriend and explained that she threw a flashlight at him, and it was a pretty big flashlight. She said, “He had it coming!” My friend commented in his post that he believed her that he probably had it coming, and wrote, “May my next girlfriend not throw a flashlight at me. Happy Birthday, America!”

Why is this accepted by my well-educated friend, who despite this, I still think is a good guy? Why is this acceptable to the masses, when this is domestic violence, talked about as if hurting her partner was as fine as eating off his plate?

If the roles were reversed, the man would have been put down in all kinds of ways, if not invited for a bar fight or a jail sentence instead of receiving amusement for it. The victim would have people reaching out and offering support.

Domestic Violence is our biggest risk of violence in the US. It affects all genders, and we need to realize that it affects all of us. All Genders. All Demographics. All Areas. Recognize it for what it is- a detriment to society. It keeps us down. It teaches our children to hurt rather than help each other. It creates deep scars and pain in everyone touched by it.

Male, Female, or Otherwise, Domestic Violence is a disgusting waste of energy. Not something to be amused by.

If you or someone you know is in a situation like this, there is help.  The National Domestic Violence Resource line is 1-800-799-SAFE.  Please call.

Men are often victims of Domestic Violence, but accept it as normal.

Men are often victims of Domestic Violence, but accept it as normal.