Do your employees own confrontation, or pass it off?

Do your employees own confrontation, or pass it off?

As a personal safety expert, I feel I am sufficiently aware of my surroundings and safety. I recently discovered with some alarm that I slack off sometimes!

My husband and I were walking through a parking lot, and I walked up to the passenger side of our car, expecting him to unlock it and go to the other side. He informed me that I was standing at the wrong car… I realized in that moment that I “give him the wheel” and depend on him greatly for safety and awareness when we are out together. I was not taking ownership in my own awareness, which I corrected once I realized it.

Do your Employees have buy-in to the responsibility of overall security, or do they simply do their jobs and expect the company (or Security if you have it) to take care of their safety at work? For example, if someone walks in to your office, who isn’t acting right, or who escalates and acts out, do your employees know how to deal with the situation, or do they hope to leave it to someone else?

Many offices have someone who is good at dealing with the difficult customers, we’ll call him or her “Joe.” They call on Joe after the situation starts escalating.  He or she must stop their own work flow, deal with the situation, and write the incident report, which then must be reviewed by management, etc.

The customer likely blasts the incident online (even if it was solved to satisfaction), the staff will be disrupted, and some of them may take the stress of the situation home.

  • What if all of your staff could confidently diffuse the situation before it escalated?
  • How would reduced incidents affect your insurance premiums and risk of lawsuits?
  • Would it boost morale to have an Empowered, Communicative Team?

Empowered’s Employee Safety program helps create buy-in for everyone’s safety. We help create a communicative culture with the interdependence, and tools it takes for everyone to feel comfortable being “Joe.”

Contact us today to discuss your team’s needs! From online modules that fit into your company education system, to in-person strategic work sessions, to Keynotes and breakouts at your next company event, we’ll customize the perfect program for you.

Be safe. Be Strong. Be EMPOWERED!