Dress Rehearsals and Fire Drills Have This in Common!

Did you guess what Dress Rehearsals and Fire Drills have in common??? The answer: Physical Practice!

After working with 100’s of library employees in Portland, I have noticed a common theme in the feedback: the role-play activities are especially helpful!

In  our 2- and 4-hour workshops (as well as private lessons), attendees practice the techniques presented in the course.  During this activity, the instructor acts as the aggressor, and each attendee uses assertiveness, body language, distance, and voice to diffuse the aggression.  This activity helps people to feel their own personal power, coupled with the tools they learned- and it is a great feeling to know that you can handle a situation if you need to.

fire drill practiceToday’s Tuesday Tip: Preparation takes Practical Practice!   (challenge: say that 5 times fast)
There is a reason we physically practice for dress rehearsals and fire drills (as well as communication and self-defense).  The brain makes connections that it can refer back to if/when we are nervous or have to deal with upsetting problems.  It helps us act, even when we don’t have the opportunity to think a situation through first.

Be Prepared: Have a Plan and Practice It!

  • Fire Safety
  • Earth Quake Safety
  • Family Safety
  • Personal Safety


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Be safe. Be Strong. Be EMPOWERED!