Drugged Drink

It was almost time to get on stage and start singing with my band at one of my favorite venues.  I went to the bar and get my usual water with half of a lemon squeezed into it.  The bass player asked me why my water was so cloudy, and I explained that it had lemon.  Customers were beginning to fill the tables, and a couple of them looked up to reference the conversation they were hearing.  I sat my drink down in front of the stage, where we also have contact cards and a tip jar, and the performance began. I sipped my water between songs.

There was a man sitting at the end of the bar with a lemon drop, smiling, and applauding.  He seemed intent on us, and why wouldn’t he be?  We are ROCKING our show!  He was one of the various people walking up and throwing money into our tip jar as we danced and sang our hearts out.

I picked up my glass and noticed that it had a bit of red fuzz in it.  I stuck my finger in there to lift it out- it wasn’t fuzz.  I thought about sipping around the red spot, but then decided to leave it alone.  I looked again a few minutes later, and the red was gone, but a bit of the lemon pulp had turned pink where the red had been.

drugged drink I showed my guitarists and told them.  I messaged my husband about it too so he would be aware.  I asked the server to bring me a fresh water.

I took the tainted lemon water over to the bar and sat it in front of the guy who had been smiling and applauding, and he immediately looked away from the drink, then away from me when I asked “how’s it going?”  With a bad feeling, I took the drink to the center of the bar and told the bartender that this drink needed to be dumped, NOW.  He didn’t ask why…  Moments later, the guy at the end of the bar was gone- and he hadn’t finished his drink.Rohypnol

It is possible that it was nothing.  I almost shrugged and drank it anyway… but hindsight says I may have seriously regretted it.  Victims of this crime typically wake up sick and in pain, with no recollection of what happened.

I talked to my band mates about it, and one asked if I thought it might be the guy at the end of the bar… The drummer said he saw the man put a tip in our jar, but he noted that from the back of the stage while drumming.  (Why would he notice that?)

The glass was right in front of me the whole time.  I am a huge proponent of “watching my drink.”  I never leave a drink unattended.  Yet this happened right in front of me, likely while I was interacting with my bandmates on stage during a song.


  1. When I start reasoning why something probably isn’t a threat, that is a SIGN THAT INTUITION IS KNOCKING.
  2. Watching my drink is not enough.  From now on, it’ll be a closed container, out of reach of anyone but myself.
  3. I wish I had kept the drink so I could give the police some evidence.  Now all I have is a picture of my drink and a picture of the guy who I think did it.  I did file a police report.
  4. I am going to get a case of coasters from www.drinksafe.com, where you can test a drop of your drink.

Be safe. Be Strong. Be EMPOWERED!