Holiday Eating / Weight Gain

Many of us LOVE the holidays: the family gatherings, decorations, and the vast variety of foods that are so easy to indulge in.

For the rest of us, the holidays can be a stressful time, often filled with emotions that are not so warm and fuzzy.


That said, both crowds need to be very conscious of their triggers during this time.  Emotional eating is something many of us do, and I think we all know that the constant barrage of treats that come during the holidays are very difficult to resist!

Being aware is often helpful.  Log your calories, even if you go over. is my preferred website for tracking my exercise and calories.

We can celebrate and go over our calories if we want to, just be aware, because when you have to write down that 500 calorie eggnog, the 600 calorie piece of cheesecake, those delicious 75 calorie (each) bacon-wrapped dates, etc.  It’s easier to say “no thank you” to that second piece of pie!

Be sure to take walks, work out when you can, even in small increments throughout the day will help.  Also, drink lots of water- partly because it’ll help you resist overindulging, but also so you can help flush out the copious amounts of sodium we are all likely to consume during this season.