Parking Lot Safety

Are Parking Lots Dangerous?  No.  They are a place for us to park our cars.  However,they can be a place where predators find victims unaware.  Remember that criminals want easy victims, and they want to get away with their crimes.  They will choose the easiest

Parking LotHave you ever walked to your car in a parking lot, talking on your phone, perhaps with your hands full?  You get to your car and juggle your things to get your keys out of your pocket or bag, and open your car up, deposit your stuff in the seat or the trunk, then get into your car yourself?  I think we all have.

Parking lots are attractive to predators (of many types) because when people are in this state of mind, they are easy to sneak up on- they are seen as “soft targets” or “easy targets.”  Here are some tips to stay safe in Parking Lots:

  1. Park in well-lit and/or highly visible areas (as opposed to secluded areas)
  2. Have your keys ready, bags in hand, and cellphone pocketed before you head out to your car.
  3. Keep your head up and scan the area.  Your intuition will let you know if something is off (listen to that feeling)
  4. Walk strong, with purpose.  If someone approaches you, be assertive as needed.  Don’t appear as an easy victim.
  5. When you get into your car, lock the door.  Make it a habit.
  6. If you have a bad feeling, or see someone suspicious outside, ask someone to walk to your car with you.  If this isn’t possible, be sure to walk like SuperMan or WonderWoman, increase your effort to be aware, and get into your car as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most of the places we go are generally safe.  We can be even safer with good habits of awareness and assertiveness.

n important part of being EMPOWERED. Be safe.  Be Strong. Be EMPOWERED!