“This Is the Defense Against…”

Most martial arts begin with a punch.  “When he punches at you, you do this…”

Empowered asks, “What happens before the punch?  Can you do anything to avoid the attack at all?”  The answer to that one is YES!  Sometimes it takes assertiveness, other times it can be as simple as walking away.

There is a major gap in martial arts training.  Techniques are based on strikes.  “This is how you defend a punch.  This is how you defend a kick.”  My Sifu (Karate instructor) always talked about “flipping that switch” from not fighting, to fighting full boar- with the understanding that an immanent physical attack would flip that switch.

As a martial arts instructor, I know how easy it is to skip over “This is how you watch out for potential trouble,” and “This is how you diffuse a situation.”  When you are standing on a mat with a student, you both want to be moving your bodies!   This is why Empowered got started.

Empowered Women’s Self-Defense teach how to avoid that attack in the first place.  How to spot a potential threat BEFORE it becomes a real threat.  How to be unattractive as a predator’s next victim (and thus avoid being chosen).  How to diffuse confrontation so it doesn’t escalate to physical attacks, and yes, physical defense techniques incase a confrontation is unavoidable.

We offer 2-hour workshops every month, and 4-week classes in May and October each year.  Sign up today!